The Silent Auction Fundraiser a For Significant Cash

A silent auction fundraiser is a fantastic option to raise cash, as you outsource what you need and can reduce time spent .

It’s crazy how silent is part of the title when it can be one large group of noise. Each thing for sale is presented along with a numbered sheet of paper asking for a contact name, number and amount the individual is willing to pay at the end of the day.

This is more convenient as you save time by looking at everything at the same time and making the decision in the moment as opposed to waiting for the items to be displayed individually. An old-fashioned auction features each item for sale one by one, the amount is determined for and the sale is made. This may be effective, but if someone is not able to sit through it all, you could miss out on a good buyer or even greater sale.

Places you commonly find these taking place are at schools, churches or some other groups. Parents and members locate items they don’t need as though they were gathering things for a yard sale. Then they donate these items where a starting price is determined and it’s put on display.

You can auction nearly anything. A great way to do it is ask for donations. This can be items like outdated novels, toys, clothing, things for the home, dvds, etc. The list really is limitless. You can even promote stuff as a group. It’s a good way to squeeze more cash out of something which may not sell so well on it’s own or perhaps you don’t have enough of an item you think would sell on it’s own.

Since the purpose of your fundraising event is always to raise enough funds for the cause, it’s important to be organized . You’ll want to give people sufficient time to donate items. The more things there are, the more money is possible. Then you will want to get everything together, figure out starting out selling prices to be certain you’ll raise at least the minimum required and set them out on display.

Be sure the setup is friendly and eye-catching. Try to place items together that could be similar . If you have clothing , you may want to consider putting a few items together as an eye-catching ensemble so that more money is spent on the idea, rather than the single item. Another idea would be to bundle kitchen items together in a way that could make a great gift as well .

If you are looking for a fundraiser idea and don’t have a lot of resources, think of it like a garage sale with donations. You manage all of it in a few hours and hopefully raise the funds that you need. You might even find that a charity auction may well be a routine way to raise money for your organization.

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