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Truth- the cost of living is rising, truth- the cost of living will continue to rise, truth- not many if anyone has seen a raise at their place of employment in over three years, truth- not many if any will see a raise in the next five years, truth- more and more people are going into debt, losing their homes, losing their jobs. With an economy spiraling out of control people are starting to take notice and are hopefully doing something for themselves; It’s called being self reliant.

“Fiscal policymakers should not … disregard the fragility of the current economic recovery,” he said.

Is another recession near? Some might ask, were we ever out of one? It seems to many that we are in a “stalled economy” where everyone is holding their breath, waiting to see what Obama will come up with next because so far creating jobs to boost the economy has not been working. It is also clear that with consumer spending at an all time low, a battle over raising the debt ceiling, add that to Europe’s debt crisis, which has spooked the stock markets and unnerved consumers how could we not have long-term consequences, that our economic health is not only weakening but becoming very sick.

Americans need to wake up and realize that some day their Social Security checks might not show up in the mail and government services could shut down. With the economy not able to rebound, the stock market showing drastic fluctuations, and employment at a stand still; the depression is here. We need to get back to basics, we need to start becoming self reliant!

Since Obama signed off on raising the federal debt ceiling the media has stirred up great concern not only among average Americans worried whether their Social Security checks would arrive in the mail, but is also reflected in global markets worldwide as money did not so much as vanish but was confiscated from the pockets of people who had invested their lifelong savings in the stock market causing weak economic reports which have caused drastic fluctuations.

Many want to start the blaming game for our financial crisis; in fact it has been outwardly spoken by many in the media that Europe is the heart of today’s problems. It certainly is a strong integral part, but The United States should not start slinging blame.  All they had to do is raise margin requirements from 50% to 60% temporarily. After that collapse in mid-March 2000, they decided rather than purge the systems, as they as well should have done in 1990-1992; they created another bubble in real estate. They have been trying to recover from that bubble and other layover problems since then.

Other great tools for getting out of a dependent state of living would be to take control of your food consumption. We constantly hear on the news when a state has an emergency that the town rummaged through the stores until nothing was left. Folks we are in a state of emergency, food prices have never been so high, now is the time to take back some control of you food budget and plant a garden, and when you do go grocery shopping look for sales and if possible stock up. Remember self reliance is a process, asses what your family needs and slowly work on those areas to become self reliant. When a person or family becomes self reliant the waves of fear poured out from the media will have little effect because you don’t have to ride the waves of uncertainty you are free.

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