Available a Bipolar Treatments For Bipolar Manic Depression

For most psychiatrists or doctors the first line of treating this mental disease bipolar is the use of medications or by pharmacological intervention .

Most of the prescribed treatments we have today are for bipolar depression or mania. We have outlined some general classes and specific examples of medicine used by doctors in the control of bipolar manic symptoms.

Treating Bipolar manic depression

1.Mood stabilizers. Doctors give mood stabilizers to treat bipolar manic depression. One of the biggest problem with antidepressants are – patients are at risk of switching into either mania or hypo mania symptoms. Victims of bipolar have been known to develop severe cycling of moods. Many doctors use combine stabilizing drugs with antidepressants to help control patients from this mood swing.

2.Lithium. This as a drug mostly used in the treatment of bipolar manic patients. It is quite an effective short term medication in controlling the recurrence of depressive and manic modes.

3.Anticonvulsants. Valproate a with brand name a Depakote and carbamazepine a coming under a the brand a name Tigerton. They are anticonvulsants and mood-stabilizers and are very good in hard-to-treat bipolar symptoms.

4.Valproate and carbamazepine, (Antipsychotic medicines). It has been proven by doctors and patients alike that clozapine, which is an antipsychotic drug, is quite good as a mood stabilizer for those who cannot respond to lithium or anticonvulsants treatments.

5.Some other prescribed drugs. Olanzapine ” Approved a by the FDA – this drug is capable in the treatment of severe bipolar manic symptoms.

Other Bipolar Treatments

If you have or know someone with bipolar manic depression, you should know that there is an intervention that can be used as part of a treatment plan.

Warning to All

Psychosocial intervention can be used in the treatment of bipolar manic depression .Because of the recurring nature of bipolar manic depression, a continuous long-term treatment is absolutely necessary. A good combination of medicine and psychosocial treatment is vital.

While medications listed may help prevent bipolar symptoms there are known side effects that must be closely watched by the individuals when they are given by physician. All over-the-counter drugs and nutritional supplements must be closely monitored because of the danger of other drugs interacting with the bipolar treatments. Do not work alone, its always necessary to consult your doctor for the continuation or the stopping of certain medications and professional care.

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