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                                    So friends, as you know, in our society only those who live in slums are considered poor and Sir Dar should not be considered poor even if he stands to get two rupees per kg of wheat so today we are going to talk about an Asian family. Joke Ke is a resident of Hoshiarpur district whose sad story we are going to tell you who has suffered in his whole life. Sir Hi Parivar is a Gur Sikh and while doing Holi Holi all The family’s condition has improved and we cannot identify him But the name of the family used to be Gurbaksh Singh OK Painter whose family consisted of his wife, two daughters and a son. There is a Gurudwara Sahib in the town where the whole family goes and reads.

                            And Kir also does Tan Simran. The family members go to the Guru’s house at three o’clock in the morning and start the service. The boy’s name was Gurinder Singh who was playing the tabla. One day Gurinder Singh went to the Gurudwara in the evening and came out of Darbar Sahib just before Aarti. Was When everyone asked, he said that he felt hot and the next day his appearance changed and the servant noticed that the whole family was trying to come to the Guru’s house and they had to be taken out of the rented house to a distant village The daughter’s father-in-law is upset She came back and Virender was also beaten by the family. On finding out about the boy, a nearby organization beat him up and now Virender Singh is on a bicycle. The father started working and took his daughter out of school. And now she’s crazy too.

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                        The most affected country within the world is that the us. Where there ar the best variety of deaths. currently even in Republic of India, the rear of the fee is gone. Seeing this, the govt. has issued a really strict order. Most of all, however, the money maharajah is that the shutter wherever it’s currently been closed and an outsized variety of individuals have additionally put in it. With that the caravan is placed. In some cities, colleges are closed for a few time because of blackouts. that’s what’s going to happen in Republic of India currently, aforementioned the Prime Minister. In view of the incidence within the country, vaccination has been done to curb the unwellness. Strict orders are issued within the provinces wherever the promise is being created.

                     The Center is upset concerning the rise within the variety of individuals not returning to the hospital within the returning days. because of that the meeting is being command by the govt.. additionally gift on the occasion were cupboard Secretary, PM’s Principal Secretary, Health Secretary and Dr. Vino Pal. The total variety of cases within the country to this point has reached one, 24, 85, 509. there have been ninety three,249 new cases within the country on Sunday, the best in a very single year. In view of the forthcoming movement of Corona, the time for vaccination has been extended and there’s no reduction in Corona cases. 

                    The High Level Meeting convened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi can take a significant call on the establishment. All eyes ar currently on the meeting being command by the Prime Minister {to decide|to make a call|to come to a decision|to make your mind up|to choose|to determine} what decision are going to be taken by the middle these days visible of the case in Corona. Friends, i might prefer to inform you that the struggle of the farmers goes on in a {very} very peaceful manner inside the borders of Delhi.

                         The farmers were being in remission by the police once the incident on the twenty sixth, once that the farmers’ organizations fashioned groups of virtually all types of lawyers and All the kids square measure currently being discharged in turns. If the kids start off of obscurity, they tell USA however we have a tendency to were treated and When the somebody listens to the words of others, what happened to them in gonadotropin, everyone’s soul trembles. Meanwhile, a farmer B, whereas giving a speech on the stage, said that Our government has created several AN attempt|tries} to place an finish to the present movement. There are several tries however they need not succeeded in any of them. 

                        It has been unendingly failing. Meanwhile, in numerous states wherever Mahapanchayats are established by the farmers, the method of Manh Panchayats continues to be occurring. folks square measure being advised. The approach the time is coming back for USA goes to be terribly unhealthy that the farmers square measure getting to each space and explaining to the folks. the remainder of the data you may realize within the video. you’ll be able to go and watch the video. Your blood will be spilled on this statement of the police. This is a photograph of Hari Shankar Singh, a lawman on duty at Lucknow Assembly from Harde Ai. Police European was during a coma.

                             He was seen move with a girl on Charbagh exposure Hour Seed however his exposure went microorganism on social media. This data was later taken from social media. we’ve no hand in recording it. We square measure solely sharing this data with you. Welcome to our page, we have a tendency to square measure continually yours We strive to bring you correct and honest data in the slightest degree times, transfer correct and unbiased data.  He says why not put it on and then the employee backs away and when the video maker takes the camera in the car, there is also an employee sitting there and not masked like this. And then when the video maker asks him why you are not a mass, he says at night that he is with me and then the maker of the video also says that everyone has it. Why not put it on you and then he says it is applied and then the video maker says that it is not applied. It is applied on the nose and then when it is applied. If he goes a little further then the accused is sitting next to him and if he is not wearing a mask then he is also crying and he says yes he will come to me while watching the video.

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