Combination Palmtop + Smart phone, Palmtop and smartphone: common and difference

 When our old beloved mobile is broken or lost we have an uneasy decision to make. More and more mobile companies produce smartphones and communicators along with usual mobiles. Mobiles implement more and more various functions.

Palmtop and smartphone: common and difference

I advice to learn, what is better, cheaper and more convenient for use in our mobile world: communicator/smartphone or combination of palmtop and phone.

First of all, let’s make out what is what.

Communicator is a pocket PC (palmtop) that has a GPRS module for work in cellular networks.

Smartphone is a mobile that works with a help of OS and has possibility of application installation.

Functions of smartphone and communicators are very close, the difference is in the way of data input and dimensions. The main difference of communicator is touch screen.

Palmtop, or PDA, doesn’t have a direct entrance to cellular networks and can work with Internet protocols only together with phone. Besides, Palmtop should have at least Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for convenient work.

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Now we can figure out pluses and minuses of these two sets.

Combination Palmtop+phone allows to work and entertain with comfort. In such case, palmtop is usually put in the inner pocket or handbag, and the phone is left on the belt, neck or outside pocket. So if you are going to the night club, concert on the stadium, you can leave palmtop at home for safety and use only phone. When you use palmtop+phone, you have 2 or 3 phone data bases (believe me, in this case it is almost impossible to loose a contact with person). Usually palmtops without GPRS modules have larger screen then communicators, so it is easier and more convenient to look through the Internet pages. Though, palmtop together with phone is much heavier then communicator or smartphone, so it can’t be easily placed in a small handbag. And you can easily forget one of the components (palmtop or phone) at home.

Nowadays a lot of modern PDA have unfolding screen. It’s a bonus for those who like to take pictures, because they can look through the photos not on a small camera screen, but on a quite large one, and to send them to friends at once, if necessary. So if camera, phone and palmtop have the same memory sticks, you can take and save more photos. Besides, if your palmtop is discharged, you won’t stay without communication, phone works longer then pocket PC.

To sum up:

+ large screen

+ double data base

+ large term of joined work, i.e. if the palmtop discharges, the phone will be still working

+ larger volume of built-in memory, if the memory sticks, used by devices, are the same

– you have to carry more

– you have to pay more for connecting function


Small light communicators can be easily carried on the neck or on the waist. They can be used as a phone, when you put it to the ear (though they are large in this case), or with a help of earphones. Though there are some inconveniences: if you use smartphone or communicator too often, speakers can be damaged in some models, so you’ll have to attend to a service center or you’ll have to use your device only with ear-phones.

It’s not always possible to connect additional devices like GPS navigator or mini-USB to communicator or smartphone. And even if you connect them, this construction will look funny near your ear, won’t it? As for the time of work, communicator works longer, then usual PDA, but less then usual mobile. In this sense smartphone is preferable, because it is closer to usual phones. Majority of the devices considered, won’t allow you to speak on the phone and chat in ICQ or read your course paper at the same time.

The advantage of communicators and smartphones is that majority of devices have standard charges, so you can recharge your “mobile friend” in any large café.

As a conclusion, I can say that from my point of view, tomorrow is with communicators, and smartphones try to look like them.

So to sum up:
+ everything is always at hand, more mobile
+ light weight
– Short term of work
– There can be problems with speakers
Now let’s consider the most important issue – price:

I wouldn’t recommend you to buy the device on principle: the more expensive – the better. It isn’t right. It is advisable to know before the purchase, what you want from the device, how are you going to use it, to read about this model in the Internet or magazines, to talk to the experts and to hold it in your hands in the shop.

According to the prices of large computer and cellular networks companies, the prices of minimal set of communicator/smartphone and palmtop+phone are almost the same. So it’s up to you to decide, what is better and more convenient.

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