Corona, work stopped, making it difficult not seem to because the farmers

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aaaaa Punjab News

                        Barley is running on different borders of Delhi so as you know every human being even if he is not associated with the farmer or the land all the young and old are joining this movement. So in the meantime, if we talk inside the village and the city, many people are still trying to prove the peasant movement wrong. When these big gatherings are held in Delhi on January 2, many people are very sad and happy so the media is also painting a lot. Many now even feel that the peasant movement is coming to an end. Because the farmers have been beaten up on both the dharnas, so you have all seen that many people are now working together to evacuate the farmers from the Delhi.

                    Singh border and say that we are residents of nearby villages Is Now those people used to say that we have been giving water and food to the farmers for a long time but now they have insulted the tricolor and now we will not tolerate them. But somehow those people did not seem to be local residents. A woman living nearby proved in an interview that the media and channels are showing everything wrong. The dhaba of a woman named Isha Kumari is very closed at the time of barley and she runs this dhaba due to her husband’s broken leg. After Corona, work stopped, making it difficult to run the house. He said people were avoiding eating out because of Karona.

                        Due to which his work was not going on and now the livelihood of the family had become difficult. Now she stopped making samosas and sweets and started making black tea but due to agitation she thought that her tea work would also stop but barley with her became her life. He said that he had sold 3 cups on the first day and he did not seem to understand. He told many youngsters to make pakoras and samosas now and he started doing that. Now all his goods are selling much better than before Now he saw the Punjabis up close because at first he had only heard of them. Now she thinks heaven is in Punjab. Now, seeing the rush of work, he got his daughter to work too.

                    A farmer asked him what he was doing to the children, so he gave a clean slate and the next day the young farmer brought other farmers along and The boy’s 6-year school fees were paid and barley became a form of God for him. So now this is completely wrong because the farmers are very wrong and the locals are also annoyed by them. The locals are very happy with the farmer. Friends, there has been a lot of talk on social media for a long time now. Poetry seems to be building a train of people as you can see. 

                    He goes on making incense and goes to Lady Mulazam and says why didn’t you put on the mask and she is drinking water and she says I am wearing water because I didn’t put it on. And that woman says you drink water with a mask, then that man says let’s drink water and you put on a mask as soon as possible and then when he moves a little bit. Another accused who is talking on the phone tells him why you did not wear the mask and the accused says that I have the mask and then the video maker

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