Girls as me surprise gift in purpose day

 – I go now.

She stood up leaving her hand. The boy did not say anything, bowed his head and sat on the chair.

It seemed that the weak wood was burning from within. The girl left. Reaching the door, she stopped for a few moments.

– Dad is looking for a boy for me. And gone. ……………

Somebody may go, but don’t go away with all your hopes. The lentils and bread of the plate started hugging the walls and floor of the room. Pieces of half-burnt paper were burnt all over. The room became dark in the afternoon and the last firefly of hope was swallowed up by some creature named ‘Papa’.

……somebody goes, but don’t take someone’s life with you.

A girl standing at one of the doors of the room peeped in once and then started walking slowly outside.

Say something for God’s sake. Your silence is not right. She was sitting on the chair in front of the big mirror. The body was burdened with heavy glittering clothes and jewellery, and more than that on the heart….

He sat silently beside her feet. His tears fell on the girl’s feet time and again. The girl’s tears used to get lost somewhere in the middle of the bride’s clothes, like a bride’s dream…

— Don’t cry any more…all the makeup will go bad.

The short-haired fat woman standing nearby wiped her face lightly with a handkerchief and then picked up a brush and started applying color to her face. The boy did not say, the speed of his tears falling on the girl’s feet increased. The girl wanted to wash off all the make-up with tears, such that she could never climb again, and tore all the clothes in such a way that they would never be able to sew such clothes again.

The boy bowed down and kissed the girl’s feet and kept on crying even while kissing them. The short haired woman looked at him in amazement. The girl kept looking at herself in the mirror. The makeup started deteriorating again with tears.

Just then, the boy’s blurred eyes pierced the henna on his feet, and he was shocked and walked away as if he had remembered something.

The fat woman again engaged in her work with the same detachment, as if she could not hear or see anything.

– I won’t say anything today. I will never say anything now.

He said crying. This was the first thing that came out of his mouth after entering the room.

The girl could not restrain herself and got up from the chair by shaking the fat woman’s hand from her face and sat in front of the boy and started kissing her forehead and face full of tears wildly.

The boy kept crying, as if fire rained down from the sky and kissed him.

There was a fountain in the middle of a large hall. Guests were starting to arrive. A well-decorated beautiful woman was staring at the fountain itself. A little water floated in his eyes.

– What happened?

A man said, placing a loving hand on her shoulder.

– Nothing….

She smiled looking at him. The water floating in his eyes flatly refused to smile.

– Missing our wedding?

– Yes….

But even the eyes refused to lie. Somewhere inside there were fountains of pain.

After a few moments the girl calmed down and moved away from his face. After seeing her, she kept crying for a few moments and crying and crying, she came and sat on her chair.

The boy’s crying had subsided. The fat lady started doing her job again.

When he slept for the last time, a street was seen in the dream, whose houses were burnt. Showing a neem tree…. was saying that it was dying….

The boy’s voice seemed to be coming from far away. He was no longer crying.

– Don’t miss me, I swear to you.

The girl spoke in a trembling voice, and the very next moment the oath broke and shattered.

Loud music was playing in the hall. The woman standing near the fountain tried to lose herself in the music and colorful faces, but failed. Seeing an acquaintance, her husband went to meet her.

It was echoing in his heart – remembering our wedding? And it came to his mind that these fountains should become oceans and he would drown.

Don’t cry, there is no time to put on make-up again and again.

When the fat woman said in strong words, the girl started crying in a low voice. However, the tears did not stop.

– It also showed that the sky is raining pain and all the streets of that city are filled till the knees….

The boy’s voice was filled. He had become very weak and was starting to feel even more weak from crying.

– I will live with him, I will live, I will sleep too, but I will never love anyone except you….

If the ladies would have given the boon, they would have given it exactly the way the girl was speaking.

At this statement the fat woman stopped and looked at her face carefully, then picked up the lipstick and began to apply it on her trembling lips.

— Remember, how long was our wedding because of you? In the affair of your make-up, everyone used to wait for an hour for the rounds.

Her husband then came and stood beside her. This time she couldn’t even smile. He felt that songs of mourning were being sung all around. The sound of falling fountains, like the roar of the waves, was hitting his mind. So why would she smile and how could she smile?

– Sister, the procession has arrived. Everyone is saying hurry up.

The girl standing at the door shouted. The short-haired woman finished her work at that very moment and sighed with contentment. The girl at the door also came inside and looked at the bride in awe.

The fat woman and the girl with the door supported him, lifted him from the chair and took him outside and walked away.

– When will you meet? The dead body sitting nearby had said the last words. On this both of them turned around and saw him and stopped. The girl was no longer crying, nor did she look at the boy.

– Never.

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