government had already imposed tax fees in several difference to the business of the people

                        Dear friends, as you  know, last a year in the a whole world, there a was an outcry. After a which the a whole country a was a banned. Among a the victims in was the United States, the world’s most powerful country. With the advent of the third wave of corruption in India and other countries, there has been a lot of damage which is affecting a lot. Similarly, if we talk about Singapore, then there too In the last 24 hours alone, about 61,000 cases have been reported in which the situation has worsened, but Otto’s government was the first to vaccinate and vaccinate people across the country. As a result, the number of cases in their country seems to be declining. The government had already imposed tax fees in several states to deal with the issue. This reduced the number of cases and did not make much difference to the business of the people. As a result, Singapore’s Education Minister Loris Wang has not responded.

                    Singapore is now under a curfew from May 16 to June 16, with foreign travel being banned, including the government. Under the current circumstances, all these flights were operating till May 4, but since then the government has decided to suspend international flights. Ohana is quick to point out If all goes well, they will be reissued and are still closed indefinitely. In the last 24 hours alone 31 people have died Let’s say the government has canceled many big programs like sports by announcing Ta La Bandi in which it has been said that there will be less than 5 people living in Kata now. More in a Punjab about this source text a Source text to required for additional translation in a information Mutual trust between the Congress and the Punjab government seems to be on the rise.

                On the one hand Captain faction meetings are going on and on the other hand the Sidhu faction’s mee ting gaan is also going on but in the midst of all this Navjot Singh Sidhu has asked Captain Amarinder Singh whether Please stop distracting yourself and come to the point of the issue. He said that my soul always asks for Guru Sahib’s cleansing and will continue to do so. Sidhu said that Guru Sahib’s disrespect. Sidhu said that the party leaders should put a gun on their shoulders and close the door. Sidhu said that the fields belong to Guru Sahib. Who is Zuri?

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                        Mr. Sidhu will meet Capt. Amarinder Singh. There are ongoing meetings on this issue. I am also looking at what is going on in Punjab before the 2022 elections. The truth has come out to the people. Opposition parties are also protesting over whether Kang is fighting behind the leader’s chair and not doing anything for the country. People are saying that we are in the middle of nowhere. For more information on this topic, please visit the VIDEO given in this post. There are many pillars to run the country, the strength of which is the foundation of this country.

                        If even one of these pillars is broken, then the whole country is in turmoil. All the ongoing development works in the country are affected by this which also hurts the economy of the country. Out of these, youth are such an important part of any country without which the future of any country cannot be bright. But the internal situation has deteriorated due to the daily deaths of these youths on the roads at the borders of the country’s capital. Among the agricultural agitations being carried out in protest of the agricultural laws, the parents are getting red-faced every day. According to another sad news, a young farmer who had been protesting at Tikri border for the last several days has been reported dead.

                    The deceased was identified as Harful Singh, a farmer of Bir Kalan village in Sangrur district. The 32-year-old farmer had joined the agitation but died at night. According to information received, this young man used to serve langar in this agrarian movement. The death of the deceased is being reported due to a heart attack which has caused a wave of mourning among the people present. The deceased left behind two elderly grandmothers. Because her parents had already died. It is pertinent to mention here that many young people have already died during this agrarian movement and such incidents make the atmosphere even more miserable.

                    Due to this, the resentment of the protesting farmers towards the Union government is growing but the Modi government is still silent on it. A large number of youths were arrested by the police after the incident on January 26 in Delhi After which the President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa is making efforts for the release of the youth lodged in the jails. Disclosing this here today Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa said that he was making continuous efforts. He said that the youths who are still locked up in Lahore should be evacuated as soon as possible. He said that this has also been brought to the notice of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee.

                    That the farmer has been severely beaten by some police personnel against whom action will be taken and cases will be registered so that he can learn a lesson. Meanwhile, the youth who came out of the water said He has been badly beaten by the police in jail and the condition of one of his comrades is such that he is still not walking properly. The youth said that he was beaten by the police. This has been done with the accusation of being a liar Manjinder Singh Sirsa, meanwhile, said that the court was well aware of the wrongful arrest of the youth and the false leaflets found on the youth and the court had also reprimanded the Delhi Police for its misconduct. Watch the video provided in. the latest news of Delhi Punjab govt. in daily lockdown tie change in a farmer  go to border

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