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Of late the quantity of wounds to the cricketers of group India is expanding quickly. In ongoing past there have been situations IPL Cricket Match India Free Full HD Live Today Now when player(s) had gone on unfamiliar visit concealing his [their] injury, which appeared distinctly throughout play. This had set the group in some unstable situation amidst the visit a few times requiring SOS calls for substitution from home.

 Players know very well that they will just exasperate some irritating aggravation or repeating injury, in the event that they don’t permit it appropriate rest. They are additionally very much aware of the way that they will danger their own playing life in the event that they proceed with the game with the persevering injury. For what reason is it then that Indian cricketers shroud their physical issue and face the challenge IPL Cricket Match India Free Full HD Live Today Now of playing for the public group? Is it sheer love of the game or consuming enthusiasm, which push them to embrace such danger? Maybe non! Maybe it is the bait of lucre. Maybe it’s the anxiety toward losing one’s situation in the group.


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Today everybody realizes that large cash is engaged with global cricket and playing for the public group not just empowers the cricketers get weighty compensation bundle from the BCCI yet a spot in the public side likewise guarantees notice contracts including cosmic sums as far as cash. The majority of the players are likewise a lot of mindful that now the opposition is incredibly, however and one isn’t sure excepting obviously a player like Sachin Tendulkar that even after a constrained nonattendance IPL Cricket Match India Free Full HD Live Today Now from some matches because of injury, ones spot will stay secure in the group. In the event that the substitute player performs well, the first player may think that it is hard to make a return. Tormented by this dread, the player conceals his physical issue and attempts to pull on with it inasmuch as conceivable.


Presently the most appropriate inquiry is; the reason at every one of the instances of wounds among Indian players have become so widespread out of nowhere? The group physio and the specialists have brought up that the harmed players don’t get adequate time and rest for recovery. This is on the grounds that the Indian cricket schedule is intensely troubled with worldwide matches. India plays more global cricket than some other country on the planet. Take for instance, the most recent a year time IPL Cricket Match India Free Full HD Live Today Now frame beginning from last year’s reality cup cricket title to the furthest limit of Indian’s last visit through Australia. The ODI world cup cricket title 2007 was played from Walk 14 to April 28th and India’s last visit through Australia finished on Spring fourth 2008. in the middle of Indian players never partook in an entire month’s rest at a stretch from cricket. 

The world cup finished in 28th April and Indian group subsequent to getting back from the West Indies left on a visit through Bangladesh to play 3 one dayers and two test matches beginning structure may tenth. Following getting back from the Bangladesh visit, the Indian group needed to hurry to Incredible England to play against Ireland, South Africa, Scotland, Pakistan and afterward Britain. The difficult 2 and a half-month long visit finished on September eighth. From London itself the group needed to travel to South Africa to partake in the very first twenty20 world cup title from September 11 to 24. Getting back from South Africa Dhoni’s men needed to take on the world one-day champions Australia for a one twenty20 match and seven matches ODI series played from September 29th to October 17. 

Then, at that point, came the intense five ODI match series and three test match series against out chief opponent Pakistan spread between November 5 and December 12. The significant [cricket wise] year reached a conclusion however not the experience of the Indian experts. In December itself the group India needed to experience the shores indeed, this time for Australia to take on the title holders for a 4 test match series what began from December 26th followed by a 20-20 match and a three-sided one day series including three groups have Australia, India and Sri Lanka. The three-sided series finished on fourth walk, and Indian group got back on sixth moment.


So much throughout the previous a year. There is no relief for the players for the coming a half year all things considered. The group is currently occupied with a 3 test matches home series against South Africa, which will end on April fifteenth. This will be trailed by the Indian head association from April eighteenth to May 23. Asia cup [June 2008], test and one day series against Bangladesh, Sri Lanka [July 23 to august 29] and ICC champions’ prize [September 11 to 28]. Any player taking an interest in so many matches after a long time after week risks becoming fatigued and injury inclined. Hence to adapt up to the substantial global timetable, the much needed revolution strategy [is there any?] could be carried out without limit. On the off chance that the top players of the country from a pool of say 20-25 are utilized in various matches wisely and then again, it is trusted that the issue of wellness and injury could be handled effectively.

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