much can also increase a person’s blood pressure, perfect for distracting you from your

 Pappu was saying on behalf of his friend… I don’t know why people get scared of wife after marriage… We said clearly today… It is very cold, I will wash the dishes in the afternoon

Patient – Dr. Sahib, the medicine you prescribed on the back of the prescription is nowhere to be found. Doctor – This is not medicine.

Pappu – I think we are slowly losing our culture! Gossip – How is that? Pappu – Hey man, yesterday I went to a wedding, there I saw my brother-in-law walking around without blowing his mouth

Param Sach Gyan… If the husband asks for pickles while eating… then understand that… there is no point in vegetables nor is there any point in speaking directly to a man… a woman was sitting in the temple crying… priest – what happened daughter? Woman and Baba, my fist husband passed to away last the  night. Priest in Oh, very sad bad.

Did he say something when he was dying, daughter? Woman pickles while Yes, they were pickles while saying ‘Leave pickles while my throat witch’! Priest pickles while Unconscious… What is the definition of wife and husband? Husband – Husband is the creature who is not afraid of ghosts, of course, but the wife’s four missed calls are enough to create fear…! ! !

Boy from his girlfriend – even the richest man from the rich stands with a bowl in front of my dad. Girlfriend – then your dad will be very rich Boy – no, they sell gossip

Mother-in-law, Sushma of Pados is the number one liar Never believe his words. | So what was she saying to you in the morning? The daughter-in-law was saying that you are a very good woman

Shoes and rubbish, a big lord ordered the shoe polisher to make my face visible. The boot polisher followed the order The great lord began to see his feet in the shoes.

Wife – I’m glad you gave me a diamond necklace today as a gift for our wedding birthday. My prayer is from God the Father that He will make me your wife from the seventh birth Husband – and my prayer is that this will be your seventh birth

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Tension! There is something that, once it enters the mind, does not take the name of going out. This tension not only makes you anxious all the time but also has a detrimental effect on your health. This is why doctors advise you to take the least amount of tension. Worrying too much can also increase a person’s blood pressure. So the question arises as to how to divert one’s attention from this tension. For this you can try jokes. Jokes are considered to be the oldest and most effective form of entertainment. After reading this you can be free from all your worries. Jokes are perfect for distracting you from your problems. You can easily read it whenever and wherever you want. It will refresh your mood. Fine for a while but free from worries. So let’s read this joke again without any delay.

Bibi: – Let’s not go for a walk today, and yes I will do driving… Husband: – Wow…, I mean go in the car, and come in tomorrow’s newspaper

Sanda went to give an interview in a big company, boss: – Congratulations, you have been selected, your salary will be 6 lakh / year for the first year, then it will be increased to 10 lakh / year next year.

Sanda picked up the bag and started walking aaaa ਜਾਣ Bass: – What happened? Sanda: I will be unconscious next year. Father on behalf of his child: – What will become of our King and Son? ? ? Kid: Just be smart enough not to ask a 3 year old child all this! Today’s children: – Teacher: – Why didn’t you come to school yesterday? Child: – What government job did you give to the people who came?

Madam: Son, suppose if a thief enters the house through the back door, what will you do first? Child: In such a situation, I will start the number from the back and call 001 so that the police also come through the back door.

Shyam was kissing the blank paper over and over again… Titu: – What is this… Shyam: – It is a love letter… Titu: – But it is blank… Shyam: – Nowadays the conversation is closed. .

Girl: – Boys are incompetent, we girls are educated…! Boy: – Boys are no less than anyone Girl: – Girls are ahead ਅੱਗੇ aaa Boy: – Well Answer a question What is it that keeps the refrigerator warm? Girl: I don’t know. Boy: Garam masala, we have seen no less.

How much the boy cried because of the mobile gift to Mehbooba… when he kept listening till 3 o’clock at night “The number dialed by you is busy on the other side now” Yesterday a wife silenced her husband by saying Don’t be too smart “The brains you have ooo I’m always bad.

The big news is coming linked to the peasant movement

In which Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar says that the farmers’ movement has been going on for a long time so the government wants to talk to the farmers again.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar was seen saying that the agitation was in one area. Even after the big agitation, it seems that the Agriculture Minister is not ready to accept that the agitation has now spread across the country.

Tomar said that playing politics the Congress has no right to speak on playing politics this issue because as long playing politics as the Congress has been in power playing politics they have done nothing for the playing politics farmers and

Now that the playing politics Congress is playing politics in the name playing politics of the farmers, it will not  playing politics be allowed to succeed. Earlier, Prime playing politics Minister Narendra Modi had also playing politics called for the farmers.

Who playing politics said that the matter playing politics is based on a single phone  playing politics call while the farmers are saying playing politics that the farmer who has been shut down by the government

They will not talk to the government playing politics until they are released. Watch the video in the  playing politics post for more  playing politics information.

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