my real love story fist time love part 4

 The boy could not understand whether there was hatred in his words or something else?

The girl’s eyes filled with tears. The boy could not say anything, kept looking at him.

– You are really dirty.

The girl said again and went running towards the class. The boy saw from afar that she was running and wiping her tears with one hand.

Throughout the afternoon, the boy sat under the same tree and cursed himself like a criminal.

At night, the girl lying on the bed with her mother asked the mother- Mommy, dirty children are not good?

His mother laughed.

Son, what is dirty cannot be good.

– Why is something messy?

– You go to sleep now.

Mother had turned. The girl slept late again.

It rained for the next whole day. The girl did not go to school. The boy went, but he was more serious than he expected for days. His eyes kept searching for the girl all day long, but it was not possible to find the moon on the new moon night.

By evening his guilt reached its peak. After that a week of holidays passed like a year for him and every year after that, like a birth…. And girl?

The girl’s father was transferred. One morning during the holidays, the sad girl left that black town with her family.

No hope left, no message left. But the shameless black city used to fall asleep early and wake up blindly after that. Only that one boy was sleeping late and waking up early.

– You are very dirty.

The boy agonized for years to hear this sentence and the girl to repeat this sentence. The boy in the city of black color and the girl in the city of white… Trees, schools, bags and streets, all had turned red like blood.

Seven years passed.

The boy was leaving Kale town and going to the hostel. There were very few people in that compartment of the train. The boy sat silently thinking something far away from that train. His eyes had become blurry now. It was as if tears were floating all the time. Suddenly he remembered something. He took out his bag kept under his seat and opened it and took out a small school bag.

The bag was out of date and had some faint white lines on it. The boy kept looking at her with his hand. No emotion could come out of his serious face. The eyes were starting to look a little blurry.

After a few moments, as soon as he started putting the school bag in the bag again, a sweet voice hit his ears.

– You are very dirty.

The black city was suddenly overcast and it started raining heavily. A tree standing in a school ground was ready to blow in the strong wind. The turn of a street was starting to run fast. A tiffin box lying at the junk shop was rolling and collided with another. The roof of a house was saying something to its sky.

The boy looked up at his face. A girl was sitting in front. His big eyes were smiling along with his lips.

– What?

– You are very dirty.

His smile had grown. The boy remained silent for a while. He felt that if he spoke, he would have to say a thousand words at once to make his point.

His face no longer looked so serious, nor did his eyes look so blurry.

– You still talk less?

Tears flowed from the boy’s eyes. An eight-nine-year-old child sitting next to the girl kept staring at the boy. Then he cast a questioning glance at the girl. The girl’s big eyes were not in their place. She was looking for something in the sky, leaving her face.

– where were you?

The boy tried hard to speak.

Aiming at the child sitting next to her, the girl said – A very big temple will come soon. You go and stand at the door of the box. Whatever you ask for with folded hands in front of him, he gets it.

The child kept looking at him in the form of not understanding anything and then slowly got up and left. On his way, he also looked at the boy with his face soaked in tears.

– where were you?

the boy now said anxiously

– Was in this world.

She started looking outside.

– Does anyone go like this? Without leaving any hope….

– Yes…

– Do you know…. The boy stopped saying.

The rain had stopped in Kale City. The tree wrinkled its wings in fear of an uncertain future. The steps at the turn of the street were starting to retreat. The shutter of the junk shop started closing on its own. A drop from the sky fell on the roof of the house.

The girl kept looking at her open palm and the drop of salty tears in it, and then drank with the palm of her lips. His eyes had returned to his face and were closed to capture the scene.

– Do you know, for how many months when I returned in the evening, I did not look back to see that you could come and walk the chalk carefree…

You know, I had planted a similar neem tree in my house. I used to think that someday when I return home, you will find me standing under her like this…

By the time she reached the end, the girl rolled her eyes loudly.

– Where are you going now?

The girl slowly opened her eyes and tried unsuccessfully to smile.

– Where are you going?

— Hostel… The girl kept looking outside in silence.

– Where are you going?

This time there was helplessness in the boy’s voice.

– What does it matter where I go?

The girl said looking at him now. A bird sitting on a tree flew away when the rain stopped and fell there because of wet feathers.

It does matter to him, who has been burning in this fire for seven years that you left without saying anything because of a small mistake of his.

– Do you remember by now?

If you had forgotten, would you have been crying now? He said with a laughing face full of tears.

– I was innocent then.

– me too…. Saying that the girl came and sat beside him.

– He’s my little brother.

The girl said, pointing to the child standing at the door of the compartment. The child was waiting for the temple which was never built.

– You have become even more beautiful now.

– Your eyes are starting to look even more sad. It seems as if you have been awake for years.

Two eyes met with two eyes.

– Have you started reading so much?

Saying this, the two eyes on the window, the other two lost their eyes and started wandering in the running fields outside waiting for the answer.

– No… I didn’t feel like studying again. Now everyone said that go to some other city. The family members sent him to the hostel.

While saying this, the boy remembered the black city.

— On rainy days, the streets there are still knee-deep in water?

The same old flicker had returned to the girl’s eyes for that question.

It hasn’t rained for many years.

– It seems that you have been very lonely for a long time.

There was restlessness in the girl’s voice.

– I also think….

– How is everyone at home?

— Everyone is fine at home…..and I am alone!

The two eyes far from the window had the innocent curiosity of children. The girl didn’t say anything. He gently placed one hand on her hand and tried to read her restlessness.

– Where are you going?

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