purpose day my real love story part 5

The restlessness was not within the reading range.

– You find someone, to support you…

– Where are you going?

– will you come?

The boy didn’t say anything. When the girl’s palm started moving away, the boy held her again.

If we have to meet then we will meet again like this….And if we don’t have to meet….

I don’t expect anything from that temple.

The boy said looking towards the door.

– I believe in God.

The pressure on the girl’s palm was increased with confidence. The train stopped. The child came running.

– Come on sister, we have to get down.

The girl separated her hands, took a deep breath and got down with her brother holding on to faith. The train was about to leave. The boy picked up the bag and got off at that crowded station in the white city. The girl looked back. The whole sky had descended on the roof of a house.

– You are sitting like this again….

The girl said seeing him as soon as she entered the room. The boy was sitting on the ground in a corner of that small room with his back to the wall. Hearing the girl’s voice, he looked up and smiled slightly.

— I’ve been seeing that spider for a long time. He made such a huge net and… and I am sitting here empty-handed looking at him….

He said looking at the ceiling.

– I’m afraid you don’t go crazy.

The girl stood right in front of him.

– I also think…

There was no worry in his voice, only emptiness. The girl extended her hand to lift him. The boy took his hand.

– Won’t anyone see?

The boy said looking at her with the same emptiness in his eyes.

– Everyone has gone out.

The boy stood up with the support of his hand.

– Hungry.

The boy said it in the same way as the child tells the mother.

– I’ll bring something.

The boy’s pain was reflecting in the eyes of the passing girl. When the girl returned with the plate, the boy stood there looking at the ceiling. Seeing her the boy sat down on the chair. The girl moved a stool and placed the plate on it.

– eat fast…

before anyone comes. The boy had broken a piece of bread. His hand remained in the air for a few moments and then he put the piece back on the plate.

– Are we stealing?

There was something in his voice that the spider running on the roof stopped.

Yes, doing any work in secret is theft.

The girl also said in the same way as the mother is explaining to the child.

– Then I won’t eat.

– How long will you be hungry?

The girl said in a pleading tone. His fickleness had ended years earlier.

– When you get food without theft.

– Well, it’s not theft. Now eat please.

The boy obeyed and started eating. The girl stood beside him and looked at his face. He stopped after eating a roti.

Then after thinking something said – for how long will you keep feeding me? How long will you keep stealing money for me?

– As long as I live….

The girl started looking on the other side.

– I haven’t done anything for you. I lie here as a burden all day long…

The girl put her hand on his lips and the very next moment she started crying.

– Please don’t make me cry. Don’t say anything

She said crying. The boy kept looking at her. Seeing him, it seemed that he had become weak.

After a few moments the girl fell silent on her own.

– Well tell me which poem did you write yesterday?

The girl said, wiping her tears with her dupatta.

– Didn’t write anything yesterday and….

He stopped saying that.

– What else?

The girl’s face turned red from crying. The boy pointed to the side of the room itself. There was a huge pile of ashes and some half-burnt pieces of paper were flying here and there in the air.

The girl took a deep breath and sat down on the cot and kept looking at the heap.

– Why did you do this?

– I was missing my mother. There was nothing else in my control, only these poems. The pain of burning her poems could only be understood by a mother who had to kill her child. Others would have said that he could feel that pain, he would have lied.

– Why don’t you go home? Didn’t even inform the family for four years. She spoke lovingly by holding both of his hands, between his hands.

If I had gone then they would have sent you to a hostel away from you and if I did not go then how can I go now? They must have thought that I had died somewhere.

The Black City took a cold breath.

Why do you love so much that it becomes difficult to live?

– Why do you bring food everyday that you have to live?

– Because without feeding you cannot eat.

– What will you do when I am not there?

The color of the boy’s hazy eyes had become beige. This time the girl did not put her hand on his lips when she spoke like this.

– Your are a life is ruined because he is of me….

– Where did it go to waste? You are now When you will not be there, then ask….

A very sad smile ran across the boy’s face.

– You go back home, please.

– Will you be able to stay?

– Even if I can’t stay, what will I not stay?

– I can’t even live.

– Live for me even if we can’t live together.

The girl held his hands tighter.

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