True Love story Fist tie purpose in beautiful girl Part 3

 That night the girl slept last. Lying on the bed next to her mother, she kept thinking about what. The boy also slept last in his house. He kept wondering why the girl’s happiness and playfulness was increasing day by day. The feelings that he already had for the female race, he could not answer it. When he slept, a sweet corner had started forming in his mind for the girl, which had grown even more by morning. The boy could not go to school the next day due to some reason. The sad girl’s eyes kept searching for her all day. Her tiffin was not opened for half the holiday and she sat in solitude away from all the girls. Returning from school in the evening, when she turned to her street, she did not have the usual smile on her face.

Why didn’t you eat today?

his mother asked.

She did not even go to the terrace by running that day. He is a did not answer his to mother’s question. – Are you feeling well? The mother said pampering while holding his wrist. He remained silent. She felt like crying loudly, but she did not cry. She cried when she did not eat dinner even after persuading her mother and mother slapped her in anger.

Maybe I was looking for an excuse to cry. The girl kept thinking while lying next to her mother. In that one day the curiosity of the boy’s mind also increased and so did the size of that sweet corner. When he went to school the next day, he kept thinking about the girl all the way. The girl was sitting in her seat lost. The boy went from behind and patted his shoulder.

Why are you sad?

He was really smart at making things up. When the girl turned and saw him standing behind her, her eyes started smiling all of a sudden. She didn’t speak.

– I used to drive chalk on your bag.

He said, pointing to the white lines on the girl’s bag.

– Why?

The girl was also really playful, though she spoke less. Now the smile in his eyes had appeared on his face as well.

– Because earlier you used to drive.

Hearing this, the girl smiled and laughed. The boy liked her laugh too. A proud smile also appeared on his face.

– Will you eat dinner with me in half the holiday today?

The girl immediately shook her neck in approval. While having food, the girl felt that the boy is not as serious as it appears. The girl kept smiling at everything.

Ten days later the boy had a dream in the night. He was sitting with the girl near a tree and he could not understand the rest of the dream. When he woke up in the morning, he felt that he had never seen such a lovely dream before.

– I saw you in my dream last night.

The next day he was telling the girl in half leave.

The girl started smiling again.

– I feel like sitting with you all day.

– Mine too…

Before half the vacation was over, both of them came to the ground behind the school and hid behind a tree. Both had smiles on their faces.

– Do you watch the movie?

After a while the boy asked. By then the classes had started.

– Yes…

The smile on the girl’s face increased.

– It’s like that, isn’t it?

The boy stopped thinking about something.

– what happens?

There was intimacy and curiosity in the girl’s voice.

The boy stood there for a few moments, then unexpectedly he kissed the girl’s cheek. It was an absolutely childlike kiss, which is found only in the corpus of children – very pure and lovely.

The girl was frightened by this and immediately took two steps back and looked at the boy in a stunned way. This reaction made the boy feel guilty and the smile on his face disappeared. The girl stood there stoically and looked at him like a stranger.

– You are very dirty.

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