Where to Top Best Low Power Consumption Room Heater buy electric heater?

Shop or market? The prices on the market are pleasant, but nobody can guarantee the quality and fire safety. The quality is corresponding… Shops: shop-assistant will tell you that every heater is high-quality, convenient and safe.

What to check?

First of all check the producer country and brand. Then you should know that the majority of producers don’t correspond to the one that is stated on the package, it means that it’s a forgery. You should check the package – quality certificate marks should be printed on the package, but not glued. Serial number and production date should be stated in guarantee ticket.

Which heater type to choose?

Now about types. What to buy spiral, oil or infrared?

The most important is energy consumption. The most economical in the category “consumption-heating” is spiral with blow-off. The safest are oil heaters, but they use a lot of energy. So if you have small children, or pets – buy oil heater, if not – spiral. If you want to get detailed information, see the article about electric heaters types.

Construction of spiral heater

Spiral electric heater is the most popular one, so we will describe its construction. It consists of heater (nichrome spiral, or other alloys), condition switch, fan (if it is provided), air-moistening systems, power cord and body.

Electric heater’s spiral should be in the quartz tube. When you switch it on, the spiral shouldn’t heat up too fast in maximal regime (if the fan can be switched on or regulated – on the minimal or switched off blow-off). Heating speed and evenness define the term of life. The slower is the heating – the longer will be the term of life.

Switches in cheap models are usually mechanical. Pay attention to the easiness of switching. If it doesn’t work properly or create noises in working phone, TV set etc, you shouldn’t buy the heater! Less then in a month you’ll have to buy a new heater or to repair the old one. Besides, the danger of spontaneous ignition is very high! If the switcher is electric with temperature control, check the name of the producer and the presence of service centers.

Fan in electric heater should work quietly even in the highest speed. There shouldn’t be any vibration. You should check portable electric heaters at different angles, possible for this model.

Air moistening system is the most important element in the construction. Every electric heater dries up the air in the premise. Qualitative models have regulation system. The method of air moistening is described in the instruction, but you can check its quality only experimentally or indirectly (quantity of water left in the indicator tube). The convenience of water refill – what will happen if you spill some water? Some expensive models even have the switching on blockage when the lid is open and special funnel for convenient refill.

Power cord. The most important characteristic for user is its length. Majority of electric heaters, even expensive ones have short cords. One meter or less. There is a necessity of extension cord use. We recommend you to buy electric heaters with a cord that is more then one meter. Standard is 1,8 meter. Short cord is an indirect sign of low-quality heater. It refers to all electric devices.

Body is for convenience and beauty, but not only. There should be a protective grate. The distance between the cells shouldn’t exceed 5-8 mm. It’s advisable that the body of electric heater is made of metal or fire resistant plastic. It is impossible to check the quality of plastic body – you’ll have to believe the shop-assistant and certificates. But metal is better. The color of portable electric heater should be bright and light, so that you won’t stumble over it in darkness. Dark blue and black are the worst variants. If you are going to mount electric heater on the wall or in the ceiling, the color is selected according to the design.

Additional options

Limit stop is usually mounted on the heater’s leg. It is used for emergency disconnection in case of falling or moving on uneven surface. Electric heaters with blow-off have removable air filter. Thermo-control is a function of disconnection when the temperature in the premise corresponds to the set one. Automatic protection from short circuit and overheating is very rare even in high-quality heaters.

Electric heater operation

After the purchase of electric heater in winter, it should stay in the room for abut half an hour. Check the contact density of plug and socket. If the contact is not dense, you should replace the socket or use another one. Plug contacts shouldn’t get hot after an hour of work on maximal speed. Otherwise, electric wiring or plug can be damaged. Maximal power for qualitative socket is 2 kWt, i.e. the maximal current is 5 ampere. You should never switch off the heater by pulling the plug out of the socket.

Durability and economy strongly depend on the number of switches on and off. Maximal energy is consumed when you switch the heater on. New electric heater or the old one, if it hasn’t been used for a long time, should be annealed in well aired premise. By-products of burning are very harmful to your health.

Infrared heaters are successfully used for many years, but they are not so widely spread as other heaters. Majority of infrared heaters are used in industrial premises, supermarkets, offices. Gradually they come in the sphere of house heaters, mainly in cottages and summer cottages. They are not very popular because they are more expensive, then convectors or radiators.

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